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RCMP Limited Edition Signed Print .CDN Artist James Lumbers- RCMP Limited Edition Signed Print

CDN Artist James Lumbers- RCMP Limited Edition Signed Print
245/3500 " A Cultural Exchange" signed by the artist with seal
The Mounted Police Foundation 125 Years

Measures framed 34" x 23.5"
Estimated Value: $ 95-150

James Lumbers (born 1929) is one of Canada's most respected and successful artists. Known for his wilderness landscapes, nostalgic images of Canada's past, and portraits. He is most noted for his heritage Moments in Time series where he combines historical photographs and ghost images and records them with present day imagery to create historical tributes. Born in Toronto in 1929, and a graduate of the Ontario College of Art, James worked as an industrial and corporate artist until 1970, when he joined an expedition to Canada's far north. James Lumbers carefully blends reflections of the past into renditions of the present to create thought-provoking tributes of simpler times long gone.

$35.00 CAD

Part Number: YS6

Being sold by The Angry Leprechaun Products in Lombardy, Ontario, Canada

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