Quebec Folk Art -Hooked Rug Tapestry- George Edouard Tremblay

1930's Quebec Folk Art Tapestry
Georges Edouard Tremblay
Measures: 36" x 28" with a wood frame backing

Georges-Édouard Tremblay was a respected 1930s Quebec artisan who designed distinctive hooked rug patterns that were then worked into rugs by women in the Pointe-au-Pic community. His pieces depict picturesque Quebec winter landscapes such as this snowy scene of a stroll to church, characterized by dark frames and painterly composition with blended colour and texture that are suggestive of brush strokes.

Over the years, Tremblay’s workshop produced hundreds of rugs hooked with his designs until it closed in 1968. These rugs were popular with American tourists. Many Canadian museums hold examples of his work. Inspired by his own familiar surroundings and memories, Tremblay’s rugs capture the unique landscapes and patterns of everyday life in rural Quebec.

$575.00 CAD

Part Number: hs7502019

Being sold by Lot-Fraser in Lombardy, Ontario, Canada

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